Wednesday, August 24, 2016


One could have to travel throughout the world to India itself, to find the response to these questions. If you were to visit Amritsar and one official picture that will greet you is just a string of chicken pieces strung outside Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner in Amritsar in a fiery red marinate. A person, who’s not much about hygiene concerned, in a dirty undershirt, and over stoops burning hot clay oven. The skewered chicken pieces applied with ghee or butter, disappear inside this range for a few minutes. They're taken out, transformed, applied with even more butter, and again they go into the range. Five more minutes later, the cook in the undershirt removes the Chicken parts, plops on them to a platter, sprinkles some spice mixture in it, pushes some orange juice on the top and presents it to you, steaming hot and very delicious.

Unlike India, where cooking is just a national interest, almost nobody actually owns a 'tandoor' in India. 'Tandoori chicken' is a staple food item. It has made 'non vegetarian restaurants' (the tag has to be explicitly given, seeing how India is a mainly country which has vegetarian) mushroom through the country, dotting just about any road corner. In my own travels through India, I seldom found village or a location that did not possess attractive people, a few dozens such restaurants and weary travelers alike with the fragrance of fish in Amritsar wafting around everywhere.

'Tandoori chicken', or its various derivative meals such as 'Afghani chicken', 'chicken tikka’, or 'Haryali chicken' are best experienced with a very thin flatbread and very light called 'romali roti.' The chicken is usually supported with a salad of a spicy green yogurt, mint and chili chutney and onions. Makhanfish and chicken corner in Amritsar are amazing. For more information you can make a call at +91-99156-06566 or visit

Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner is also known as Veg Restaurant in Amritsar.

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